Paradise Kennels is a small family based kennel and full operating farm, raising purebred registered Parson (Jack) Russell Terriers. All puppies are exposed to children, adults, cattle, other dogs, cats and pigs at a young age.

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 Note from the Owner 






     My name is Caley, owner and founder of Paradise Kennels in 2017


     My first introduction to the Jack Russell Terrier was as a high school student, when I took the opportunity to participate in a school-to-work program on a large horse ranch. The rancher owned a small broken coated JRT named Hannah. He also owned five Australian Cattle Dogs (Heelers) that had a pack mentality and were tougher than nails and a skeleton structure made of titanium (I'm sure of it.) These dogs were used to heel horses and I watched them take many blows by the back hooves of a 1,200 plus pound animal.

     Anyways, these tough Heelers bowed down to only two beings on this Earth. One being, the man who owned them and second, was this little spitfire and gasoline filled Jack Russell- named Hannah. You knew when she entered the barn, because the whole pack dynamic changed. She didn't take any crap, at anytime, from anybody.

     Hannah also loved to be held. Held for a whopping total of about 5 seconds! Just long enough to claim your lap as her holy throne and then she'd take a daring leap of faith to the ground, and off she'd go chasing down the Heelers, putting them in their place, and reminding them who was the Alpha Female in this dwelling.

Tragically, Hannah's final depute was lost to the heavy weights of the tractor's front-end loader. It became routine, when the rancher started up his rusty old Ford tractor, Hannah never failed to be right there, waiting for him to pick up the bucket so she could dive in at full force and catch any unlucky varmints that existed.

     If you want to see an event change a man... take from him his shotgun riding, cold feet warming, rattle snake fighting, little pal in the blink of an eye due to the sloppy hydraulics of an old tractor. They say you never truly know the actual life expectancy of jack russell. They're always facing death head on in the pursuit of the chase and the kill. Jack Russells don't know they are little, and who are you to think you are in going to tell them? Bottom line is, if it runs... the jack russell will chase it and if ole' Jack can catch it, that's the end of that!

But isn't it the heart of the Jack Russell Terrier that brings a special group of people together?

     That question is what brings me to my WHY. Why is it that I raise this group of pistol terriers full of gun powder and arsenic?

     Perhaps it's because... this little white terrier is my spirit animal. I've always been the person who takes the road less travelled. Somebody will analyze my ideas behind the foggy glass window I like to identify as this crippling concept called, “fear.” Meanwhile, I'm over there ready to jump off the cliff at the first glimmer of opportunity, just like my dear friend; the Jack Russell.

     We all have badgers in our lives. Problems that are mean and ugly, but at some point we have to face them. I choose to face them head-on without a second thought. If the desire was put into my heart to pursue a dream, I'm going to claw and fight until that desire is conquered, much like the little white terriers that I have come to know as my friends.

     If you've come here for your own little pistol, blazing of fire, then you've come to the right place.